I would ask you to lay this very much to heart at this time. I am persuaded that great consequences would follow, for the good of religion, from a clear perception that devotion to the Pope is an essential part of Christian piety. It would correct many errors. It would clear up many misapprehensions. It would prevent many calamities. I have always said, that the one thing to make all difficulties clear is to look at things simply and exclusively from our Blessed Lordís point of view. Let all things seem to us as they are in Him and for Him. There are many intricacies in these days, many perplexing entanglements of the Church and the world; but, if we hold fast by this principle, if with a childlike bravery we are all for Jesus, we shall thread our way safely though all labyrinths, and never have the unhappiness of finding ourselves, either through cowardice, or through the prudence of the flesh, or through the want of a spiritual discernment, on the side where Jesus is not. (From the Pamphlet -Devotion to the Pope )